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Success Story – Sept – Ruby Cothron

Meet Ms. Ruby Cothron. She arrived at Willow Springs after a medically complicated hospital stay, which left her...

Success Story – Aug – Ms. Thomasson

Meet Ms. Thomasson!  Ms. Thomasson arrived at Willow Springs after a brief hospital stay that left her unable to...

Success Story – July – Bobby Mohon

Mr. Bobby Mohon admitted to Willow Springs after suffering a traumatic fall that resulted in the need for surgical...
Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes

Healthcare Heroes - Committed to Infectious PreventionA healthcare hero is a person who is admired for their courage,outstanding achievements, and their noble qualities when itcomes to patient care. To prevent infections and improvepatient safety, our community of...

Facility Health Update 1.12.22

Facility Health Update 1.12.22

We continue to practice the enhanced safety precautions that are known to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such
as only essential personnel are allowed inside the facility and we screen them for signs and symptoms of illness
prior to entering. Our residents are continually monitored and staff is using PPE as recommended by the CDC.
Staff is frequently reminded and encouraged to practice social distancing and to use hand sanitizer and frequently
wash their hands when they are in the facility and out in the community.

Facility Health Update 1.06.22

Facility Health Update 1.06.22

COVID WEEKLY UPDATE1/06/2022 Total Number of Newly Confirmed COVID Cases This Week: 6Staff: 4Residents: 2 Date of Last Newly Confirmed COVID-19 Case:01/06/2022 Date of Expected Outbreak Clearance:01/18/2022 Visitation Status:Visitation has temporarily changed to 8am...